About me

Thank you for visiting my personal website.

psb01My name is Jun Zhang. I am a student now studying Computer Graphics Technology in Purdue University. I am currently looking for full time positions like Graphics programmer or Technical Artist related to real time rendering and software development. I enjoy troubleshooting problems and like to design tools for artists and animators to boost their efficiency. I can act as a bridge between artists and programmers to ensure that art work and codes can be implemented well. I work very well within a team setting, and I am always self motivated. My skill sets and problem solving ability will prove me to be a valuable member to any company.

I believe life is a set which contains what you find. I am curious about my limitations and am always ready for meeting new challenges and exploring new ideas and technologies. After a few years of exploring  fields related to animation, design, video games, and programming, I have a much clearer thought about my strengths and weakness. I am confident enough to keep moving forward and exploring more.

Thank you for taking time to look at my work and for considering me to be part of your team. Feel free to contact me: zhangxiaomu01@gmail.com if you have any questions. Thank you!