There is only War

There is only war is my undergraduate final project. This is also the first game I created. I made this game with my school mate. We formed a small team with 5 people, Liu and I were the main game designer and in charge of the development of whole project. When we first grouped together, we came up with a lot of crazy ideas, such as a combination of RTS with FPS etc.

Finally, we decided to make a third person shooting game. In this game, the player could choose to participate one of the two factions and fight with another faction. In order to win the game, players should try their best to destroy other faction’s base. We made this decision because we considered the limited time and we had to explore many unexplored area, in order to complete this game in time, we had to make sure the game logic was relatively simple.

I was responsible for the art style. I discussed with my schoolmate and we all agreed that our game should be set in an apocalyptic world where war never stopped. When speaking to apocalyptic world, I immediately came up with ruined cities, overcast days etc. I found two main game series as a reference and began my design work. I designed  one of the robots, like the pictures showed below:

I also designed the main city. The city was burning all the time because of the war. After I finalized the style, we made a lot building, debris and decoration models. We also build our own terrain. In order to make the game look more vivid, we decided add a mountain area before the city area. Like the pictures showed below:

The next challenge for us was AI system. We want to add some variations in our game, so we decided to introduce AI in our game. Basically, it was like Dota, the allies spawn in each base and move towards another base and try to attack it. Since we were not so familiar with unrealscript at that time, so we had to keep testing in order to create correct AI behavior. Here is a video shows all the features of our game:

Finally, we made our own poster and trailer:




Thanks for your reading, if you have any comments and suggestions, feel free to tell me.


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