I am not a super fan of geology until year 2016, when I visited natural science museum in Hanzhou city, I was totally attracted by the pure beauty of mineral display. Some of them, although can not be classified as gems, are even more impressive than a real gem. Minerals like pyrite, sand rose, attracted my attention when I first glanced at them. After that, I believe minerals are gifts from the nature, their existence stands for miracle.

Some images I took when visiting the museum

When I returned home, I collected several mineral pieces myself. Some of them are from my friends, and some are from mineral shops. Then I decided to take some photos for them. It is always a good idea to share with others the beauty of nature world.

I set up a simple environment to hold the minerals. Basically, the environment is simple, I cut half of the paper cup (which is white inside), and combined the cup with a white paper in order to create a soft light environment. As for the lights, I used two white table lamps as main light source. Although the light was not bright enough, it was still better than nothing. After set up the lights, I focus on taking photos of  shining parts of minerals and set them as main interest point in my picture. The rest of  other parts just merged in the soft light. The following images are some examples :


Thanks for reading, if you have any comment, feel free to leave.

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