Personal Art Work

All the work samples showed below were created by myself, from the prior concepts to final pictures. I chose these pictures mainly to demonstrated my artistic skills  about digital arts.


This picture was created for inspiring myself when I first came to the United States. I chose the simple geometry boxes and engraved some best wish words into them. Althogh the geometry is relatively simple, while with great light effects and detailed rug background, this image presented a harmony and wonderful visual effects. Life is beautiful, please stay determined!


Size: 1280 X 960

Renderer: MentalRay


Just as stated in the image, I created this image in order to salute to the Blizzard’s famous game <World of War>. I really love this sword and feel sorry for Alsace’s tragic destiny.

I created the low poly models in maya and sculpture this sword in Zbrush. After finish the high poly models, I baked the normal map and displacement map in Zbrush, while baked the AO map in maya. After that, I created all the textures in Photoshop. Besides diffuse map, I also created the specular map and reflective map in order to fully control the specular spots and reflect effects. After all was set up, I output several different layers (diffuse, reflect, Specular, AO, Mask)from maya and combined them all together to finalize the image.


Size: 1080 X 1920

Renderer: MentalRay

Black Stone

I love grand architectures. That’s why I created this grand undergrand city — Black Stone. The city consists of three levels, I want to make the top level become the interesting part of the image, so I added a god ray in the above part of the image. This created an interesting visual effect because it splited the image to different parts and made the above part stand out. All the materials for this city are stones and bricks, so I limited the specular term.


Size: 1080 X 1920

Renderer: MentalRay

Last Devior && Elysium’s End

I created the twin images to depict journey. I traveled a lot in my twenties, no matter it is from living or just exploring new places, so I love journey theme. I hope I can meet more interesting people and see more beautiful sceneries in the future. I created my own plants library in this practice. These plants are from maya brush, I created this plants shape using the brush, and converted them to solid 3D geometries. I also applied mentalray materials to these plants.



Size: 1080 X 1920

Renderer: MentalRay

Far Harbor

Another journey related image. For me, the ocean means courage and fortune. Hope oneday I could sail in the vast sea and live for freedom. I created this in order to practice some after effects.


Size: 1080 X 1920

Renderer: MentalRay

Girl Rendering

I seldom made human models and this is a first step. I specially focused on 3S materials and hair rendering in this project. I also applied classic 3-point human lighting method, with main light comes from right-front, one supplement light from left-front and one rimming light from right-back. I believe this light setting will make the human figure stand out.


Size: 1200 X 1600

Renderer: MentalRay


Ornaments rendering is a big topic. I believe the most challenging part is design ornaments, while the materials are relatively simple. When I created this one, I searched for a lot of articles and design guidance. This pendent is a combination with wings and heart. The rubies, silver and crystal reaches a great balance in this work.


Size: 1280 X 960

Renderer: MentalRay

Sunny Days

A fast test for a sunny days inside rendering. I deliberately selected the light colors for all the objects in order to fit with the noon sunshine. We can see that this scenery contains many colors. Since all these colors are under the bright sunshine, they are unified into a harmony atmosphere and provide the audience with a sense of peace.


Size: 2560 X 1440

Renderer: MentalRay

Commissar Lord

Another example for human rendering. I sculpture the high poly model in Zbrush in order to add more details. Compared to the girl image above, this image focus on adding more details on human body. I applied the displacement map and normal map in this character.


Size: 1920 X 1080

Renderer: MentalRay

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